Join the Lowell Sportsmen’s Club!

Welcome! We look forward to you becoming a general or junior member of the Lowell Sportsmen’s Club. The club has a rich history of family and community involvement. We hope that you will take an active role in continuing this journey.

Any person 18 yrs or older may become a General member, provided he or she has no felony convictions and can demonstrate they are of good moral character. The club also has Junior memberships for those aged 12 – 17.

All applications for membership must be in writing on an application form and signed by an LSC member in good standing. All applications will be presented at a club meeting, and a majority vote shall be required for acceptance of new members. If you have any questions please contact



The membership forms and club rules can be picked up at the club during a regular monthly meeting, or you can download and fill them out before the meeting:



Steps to becoming a member of the Lowell Sportsmen’s Club:

(1) Membership Application Form: Return completed application by mail or bring it by in person with payment. If the application is not accepted, payment will be returned. Please see the bottom of the first page of the application form (link above) for the total amount due with your application.

(2) Sponsorship: The sponsor must be a member in good standing (dues paid up, etc.) for at least one year and be present at one of the readings. If you do not know someone who can sponsor you, come to a meeting (second Tuesday of each month). You will meet many active members who are willing to sponsor new people!

(3) First Reading: The application will be read to the membership at a regular club meeting held at the clubhouse on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. Your presence at this meeting is recommended.

(4) Orientation: Required prior to second reading. This is to thoroughly review the operation of the club, the Standard Operating Procedures and Range Rules, which govern the shooting facilities of the club. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at this class. Class time notified at the General Meeting. If you cannot make the class, contact the Warden to reschedule.

(5) Second Reading: You will be expected to attend the next regular meeting. At that meeting the application will be presented to the members a second time and there will be a vote for acceptance of membership into the club. All individuals who are accepted will then receive membership cards.

(6) Work Participation: (This applies only to general members, but junior members are also encouraged to volunteer to help with events or committee work.) New members may choose to participate in four hours of club related work activity to obtain a refund of the work fee. These activities must be performed during the first year of membership. This fee will be returned after the service of four hours by the use of the Work/Service Form.

Note: Applications approved after October 1st will be credited towards the balance of the current year and the following year, for a total membership period of up to 15 months. Members in good standing will be sent a letter in January with instructions to renew their membership for the next year.

If you have any questions please contact