Big Bore Range Improvement Project

Update for January 2017: Progress on the Big Bore Range Improvement Project has continued throughout 2016.

After the initial vote of the membership in March to proceed with the project, the Big Bore Range Improvement Committee worked on finalizing a design, solidifying cost figures, and on fundraising. The cost is still projected to come in at the original figure, but this will depend on a significant contribution of volunteer labor from the membership.

In September the membership voted to approve an assessment of all members. The funds raised by the assessment will pay off loans issued to the club by members. These loans, combined with fundraising efforts, donations, contributions from the general fund, are the source of funding for this project.

Fundraising will continue in 2017, as the quicker the club can pay off the loans, the less money it will pay in interest.

Construction is anticipated to start in April 2017, dependent on the weather. The construction contractor is enthusiastic about this project and working closely with the club on preparations to make the project go smoothly. The contractor expects his portion of the project to be completed in 6-8 weeks. Once that is finished, the remainder of the project (building the No Blue Sky system, planting trees, installing fences, etc) will be handled by volunteer efforts from the membership, and the range will be open while that work is completed.

Please attend the monthly meetings for updates. Contact Alan Anganes to volunteer for the construction phase of the project.



Big Bore Range Donation Information

To help offset the loan needed to make the improvements, it is essential that our entire membership be as generous as possible in helping us meet our funding target of $210,000. In recognition of your generosity and to provide a legacy of appreciation for all to see, various levels of publishing your name nearby the Range are:

  • For a donation of greater than $50,000: You will have the opportunity to present to the Executive Board a name for the Big Bore Range improvement project.
  • For a donation of $10,000 to $49,999: Your name will be inscribed on a granite monument.
  • For a donation of $1,000 to $9,999: Your name will be placed on a weather-proof sign in the Gold Patron category.
  • For a donation 0f $500 to $999: Your name will be placed on a weather-proof sign in the Silver Patron category.