LSC is entirely run by members, and it’s all a volunteer effort. From being an officer, helping run an event, or cleaning up the range when you’re done shooting, it takes all of us to keep the Club going strong.

All members are encouraged to help out, and new members can earn back their initial Work Fee. Here are a few ways to volunteer:

  • Join a Committee
    For anyone interested in a particular sport or discipline, committees maintain and update ranges, run events, and introduce new shooters to their sport.
    Get Involved: talk to any current committee member or board member

  • Be on the Board
    Consisting of both officers and board members, this is the group that makes sure the bills are paid and the Club continues to grow.
    Get Involved: talk to any current board member or the Nominating committee

  • Help at an Event
    The Club puts on several large events each year, in addition to weekly and monthly events, and there is a need for every talent and skill level to keep these going.
    Get Involved: talk to any member of the Events committee

  • Help at a Work Party
    The Club has periodic work parties throughout the year, to clean up the club in the Spring and Fall, and before major events, and for large-scale special projects.
    Get Involved: talk to the Warden, or attend monthly meetings or check the meeting minutes for work party announcements

  • Join the “Helping Hands” List
    The Club maintains a list of people willing to help out at short notice, mainly with things like shoveling out after a storm or other situations when a quick response is needed.
    Get Involved: talk to any board member or the Warden to get your name on the call list

  • Be a Conscientious Member
    This is asked of all members, but it bears repeating: always be sure to clean up after yourself, pick up any trash you see laying around, remove downed limbs from ranges and walkways, push in chairs, fix or report things that are broken – it all matters and it all adds up

Again, LSC members are what keeps LSC alive. Please help out whenever and wherever you can to keep this Club great!