Fishing Pond is open year-round (to members with fishing buttons)

LSC has access to two fishing ponds on the property. One is the private, members-only spring-fed pond behind the clubhouse, which is stocked throughout the year. The other is Swain Pond, accessible from the main drive or Swain Road.

Fishing on Swain Pond is open to the public, and subject to all Massachusetts fishing regulations. Fishing in the club pond is available only to members who have purchased a fishing button. Buttons are for sale at all club general meetings, or from members of the Fish and Game Committee.

In addition to casual fishing, the club also holds various fishing derbies during the year – both warm weather and ice fishing. Some events are members-only, but some, like the annual Kids Fishing Derby in the Spring, is open to the public. Check out the Special Events section for more information on fishing derbies.

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Upcoming Fishing Events

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