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PO Box 912
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Board of Directors

Office Email Name Term Expires
President Brian Campbell 2022
Vice-President Al Anganes 2021
Treasurer Mark Cailler 2022
Membership Secretary Darlene Parker 2021
Recording Secretary Herb Cline 2022
Communications Secretary Eric Patel 2022
Board Member #1 John Abbott 2022
Board Member #2 Rick Plzak 2023
Board Member #3 John Lemasurier 2021
Board Member #4 Joseph Kunze
Board Member #5 Al Hodgson 2023
Associate Board Member Susan Cline
Associate Board Member Bill Moseley
Warden 978-455-9694 Jim Martin


List of Committees

See our By-Laws for complete committee descriptions


Archery Committee


The goal of the Archery Committee is to promote the sport of archery at the Lowell Sportmen’s Club. The committee seeks to achieve this in the following ways. First, the committee hosts an Exploring Archery event every Thursday night. This event is open to both members and the general public once a week. We encourage everyone to come and experience the joy of archery. Next, we strive to improve the indoor and outdoor archery ranges. This includes maintenance and incremental improvements to keep pace with the advancement of the sport. We also support several club events and activities such as the Spring Fling, Turkey Shoot, and the Open House. The committee members contribute in many ways by acting as range captains, instructors, arrow wranglers, and whatever else is needed at the time. We are always looking for new ways to make archery fun and accessible. If you have any ideas that you would like to contribute, or would just like to lend a hand, please contact us. Updated 2022.

    • Jon Lyna, USA Archery Level 2 Instructor, Range Captain, Chair –
    • James Baustert, USA Archery Level 2 Instructor, Explore Archery and Bowhunting Instructor, Massachusetts Bowhunter Education Certificate, Co-chair
    • Matthew Franco, USA Archery Level 2 Instructor, Range Captain
    • Carl Singelais, Range Captain
    • Ray Anganes, Range Captain
    • Ted Anganes, Range Captain
    • Ronnie Phang, Range Captain
    • Michael Philavong, Range Captain
    • Saray Lorn, Range Captain


Big Bore Project Committee

Manages the construction, development and maintenance of the Big Bore Range. Updated 2022.

Big Bore Range Committee

Manages the Big Bore Range, establishes range rules and monitors range use, cleans and repairs the range as needed, and runs big bore events. Updated 2022.


Black Powder Range Committee

If you love civil war era armament, this is the committee to be on! The committee hosts demonstrations and competitions at all of the LSC events including Spring Fling, Open House, and even their own event – the Turkey Shoot, which has inspired other committees to join in the fun. Updated 2022.


By-Law Committee

The committee will present any proposed bylaw changes, additions or adjustments to the Board of Directors. These proposals must be presented to the general membership in the manner prescribed. Refer to Article VIII for the Amendment process.. The Club Bylaws is a “living document.” Updated 2022.


Communications Committee

It shall be the responsibility of the Communications Committee to:

  1. Maintain a newsletter and website that is informative to the members and promotes the Club; review all published content to ensure the Club’s interests are upheld and to avoid conflicts with the Club’s purpose; solicit and accept content from members and committees.
  2. Solicit and accept advertisements from legitimate businesses, based on suitability for the newsletter and website; determine the policies for payment and placement; work with the business to make any modifications needed for inclusion. The BOD reserves the right to refuse any advertiser; political advertisements will not be accepted.
  3. Develop and maintain the Club’s online presence, including (but not limited to) the Club’s website, social media accounts, and other communication and marketing tools such as the website host, domain name, and email addresses.
  4. Work with the Board of Directors and committees to publicize events, announcements, and general Club information to the membership, other area clubs, and the surrounding community.
  5. Convey, in a timely manner, to the Board of Directors or general membership, as appropriate, incoming communications requiring discussion, decision, dissemination, or that may be of general interest to the membership. This may also include legal or legislative developments that may impact the Club or the membership.

Anyone owning a business may purchase ad space. The Communications Committee will determine the policies for payment and placement of these ads so long as the business is legal and does not conflict with the Club’s purpose. Updated 2020.


Events Committee

It shall be the responsibility of the Events Committee to:

  1. Plan, promote, and run Club-wide events each year.
  2. Coordinate with committees to ensure successful events.
  3. Assist any committee or member with publicizing events, when appropriate.

Any member with an idea for an event can bring it to the Events Committee for review and request support in promoting or running the event. Updated 2022.

  • Darlene Parker, Chair –
  • Herb Cline
  • Stephen Kelley
  • Brian Herzog
  • John Stewart


Facilities Committee

The purpose of the Facilities Committee is to ensure the upkeep of the Club’s buildings and equipment, subject to appropriation, and to establish the rules for their use. The chairman of the Facilities Committee will be the Warden. It shall be the responsibility of the Facilities Committee to:

  1. Periodically clean, inspect and maintain the ranges, yard, Clubhouse, parking area, Warden’s house, and all related equipment.
  2. Establish rules covering the availability and use of the above facilities and services, and to post these rules in conspicuous places about the Clubhouse, grounds, and on the Club’s web site.
  3. Organize and lead work parties to carry out those maintenance tasks requiring large amounts of labor.
  4. Conduct an inventory each year. The inventory shall be a list of all assets of the Club, the assets estimated value, serial number where applicable. Once complete this list will become a check-off list. The inventory will be shared with the other standing committees so that lost, damaged or stolen items may be replaced or repaired. Updated copies of all inventories must be kept on Club property or an authorized off site storage facility.
  5. Coordinate the uses of Club facilities for non-related Club activities and maintain a detailed set of procedures for such activities as approved by the membership.
  6. Verify whether or not a permit (of any kind) is needed for whatever function is planned.

Updated 2022.


Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance Committee shall be composed of the Vice President, who is the chairperson, and at least four members selected by the Vice President. No member or committee of the Club shall be authorized to submit or divulge any financial information to any outside person or agency unless the Finance Committee first sanctions it. It shall be the responsibility of the Finance and Audit Committee to:

  1. Audit all of the Club financial records. A written report will be submitted at the annual meeting. In lieu of an audit by the committee, a certified public accountant may audit all the Club’s books.
  2. Review an annual inventory and audit of all fixed assets of the Club.
  3. Prepare an annual budget after consultation with ruling committees of the Club and joint review with the Board of Directors, to be delivered for approval at the November meeting of the Club.
  4. Make recommendations for any special assessments to be levied for the good of the Club.
  5. Maintain a calendar of all financial reporting requirements in order to prevent omission or delinquent reporting.
  6. Have the authority to request and receive at reasonable time any books, accounts or reports necessary for the performance of their duties under this article and shall have authority to summon the Treasurer to appear before them as necessary to determine the financial condition of the Club.
  7. Validate and sanction all requests for financial information from members or committees to be divulged to non-members or agencies.

Updated 2022.


Forestry Committee

The Forestry Committee shall be responsible for:

  1. Working with a licensed forester to monitor the health of the trees on the Lowell Sportsmen’s Club property.
  2. Scheduling timber harvests.
  3. Keeping the Club aware of forestry activities.

Updated 2022.


Grievance Action Committee

The Grievance Action Committee, chaired by the Vice-President, will consist of five members selected by the Board of Directors, subject to approval by a general membership vote. At least one of the members must be a certified NRA Range Safety Officer. This committee shall act as a Hearing Board for all grievances within the Club. It shall be the responsibility of the Grievance Action Committee to:

  1. Deal with all complaints within the Club made by a member (or members) against another member (or members).
  2. Deal with all issues regarding range rules and safety issues, and any issues of a disruptive, illegal or criminal nature by any Club member.
  3. Create a second seven (7) member Hearing Board, as required, to act as a jury for determining disciplinary actions against a Club member.

Updated 2022.


Indoor Range Committee

This committee oversees the indoor range. The group maintains the range rules, monitors range use, coordinates range upgrades as needed and provides cleanup and maintenance. This committee also runs various rimfire and pistol events throughout the year, including the weekly Friday Night Fun Shoot at the indoor range. Updated 2022.


Kitchen Committee

This committee oversees the use of the indoor kitchen at the club. Updated 2022.

Lead Stewardship Committee

The Lead Stewardship Committee is charged with ensuring the following objectives are met:

  1. Identify issues of potential environmental concern that may exist;
  2. Identify, evaluate and prioritize appropriate actions to manage environmental issues.
  3. Prevent offsite migration of lead through groundwater and surface water runoff;
  4. Conduct Lead recovery;
  5. Discourage ingestion of lead by wildlife;
  6. Reduce size of shot fall zones;
  7. Assist in improved range maintenance.

Updated 2022.


Membership Committee

This committee shall be responsible for the processing of applications for membership in accordance with procedures approved by these Bylaws. It shall develop and/or recommend changes in application forms and processing procedures, when necessary and then present these changes to the membership, which will require a 2/3 vote of the membership to be adopted. All application processing procedures, dues rates, fee and work requirements will be printed on the application forms. This Committee may form other committees as the need arises. Updated 2022.


Nominating and Elections Committee

The Nominating Committee will consist of the chairperson and four members chosen by the chairperson, subject to approval by a general membership vote. This committee must be assembled prior to the regular May general membership meeting each year. No elected Board member may hold a position on the Nominating Committee. The members of the Nominating Committee cannot run for any office, other than chairperson of this committee. Members of the Nominating Committee may not be nominated to hold any office for the ensuing year. It shall be the responsibility of the Nominating Committee to select and present to the members, at the regular October and November meetings, a slate of members chosen as candidates for the offices of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Communications Secretary and five at-large candidates for the Board of Directors. All candidates shall declare the intent to run at the November meeting or earlier. Nothing in this section shall impair the right of members to make nominations from the floor at the November meeting of the Club. Updated 2022.

  • OPEN, Chair


Outdoor .22 Range Committee

This committee oversees the outdoor .22 range. The group maintains the range rules, monitors range use, coordinates range upgrades as needed and provides cleanup and maintenance. This committee also runs various rimfire events throughout the year, including the monthly Steel Sundays. Updated 2022.

  • Joe Kunze, Chair


Outdoor Pistol Range Committee

This committee oversees both the outdoor pistol range. The group maintains the range rules, monitors range use, coordinates range upgrades as needed and provides cleanup and maintenance. This committee also runs various pistol events throughout the year. Updated 2022.

  • Joe Kunze, Chair


Planning Committee

It shall be the responsibility of the Planning Committee to draft and prioritize the Long Range Plan (the “Plan”) for the Club, as well as coordinate its review and presentation. The Long Range Plan is a living document detailing the actions that are required as the Club moves into the future. As changes in Club situations occur, the plan shall be updated accordingly. The scope of the Plan may address all aspects of Club operations (including but not limited to facilities, real estate, membership, management, assets, community interface, goals and objectives), to determine the best path forward for the Club over the next 5 years. The committee may meet with other standing committees and/or the Board of Directors to solicit input into the Plan. The updated Plan shall be ratified in principle by the membership each year. A ratified Plan does not bypass other required votes under these Bylaws (i.e. large expenditure approval vote). Updated 2022.


Pond Committee
  1. Manages the club’s fishing pond and pond rules
  2. Monitors the health of the pond and waterways on the property
  3. Schedules fish stocking,
  4. Coordinates fishing events

Updated 2022.


Range Safety Committee

The chairman of the Range Safety Committee shall be the designated Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) for the club. At a minimum, the CRSO shall be currently certified by the NRA as an NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO). The CRSO with the support and assistance of the committee shall be responsible for:

  1. Monitoring range activities for compliance with safety rules, including but not limited to the Range SOP, Range Rules and NRA safety rules and recommending or implementing corrective actions as needed;
  2. Maintenance of First Aid kits and other safety equipment;
  3. Reporting safety violations to the BOD;
  4. Identifying and recommending improvements to enhance the safety of range operations;
  5. Reviewing proposed new range operations and making safety recommendations;
  6. Reviewing and making recommendations of all new and modified range rules prior to submission to the Board of Directors;
  7. Developing and/or implementing Range SOPs as directed by the BOD.

Updated 2022.


Skeet Committee

The goal of the Skeet Committee is to promote the sport of skeet shooting at the Lowell Sportmen’s Club. The committee seeks to do this by: Improving the skeet field and associated facilities (even though the skeet field has been completely rebuilt we continue to make incremental enhancements as needed); Holding events and activities such as the skeet league, club championship and opening the field to the public three times a week; Encouraging the public to come and experience the joy of skeet shooting. This we have done through our skeet classes for beginners held at LSC Open House and other events; The committee members contribute in many ways by acting as range officers, instructors, day laborers, carpenters and whatever it takes to reach our goal. We are always looking for new ways to make skeet shooting one of the leading activities at the club. If you have any ideas that you would like to contribute or would just like to attend a committee meeting let us know and we will invite you to the next meeting. Updated 2022.

  • Clive Nelson, Chair –
  • Julian Sluskonis
  • Frank Cronin
  • Ralph Nardone
  • Phil Sullivan


Training Committee

The responsibilities of the Training Committee are to:

  1. Conduct regularly scheduled basic firearms training classes
  2. Work to continuously improve basic firearms training
  3. Identify and present other training events that meet the needs and desires of the membership

Updated 2022.

  • (vacant), Chair –
  • Brian Campbell
  • Eric Patel
  • Sue Anganes
  • Jim Baustert
  • Dennis Brick
  • Rich Nardone
  • Ralph Nardone
  • Charlie O’Donnell
  • Bud Witt


Trap Committee

The trap committee oversees the operation and maintenance of the club’s four trap fields and related equipment. The committee chair also coordinates the trap teams participating in the Greater Lowell Trap League. The committee is responsible for opening the fields on a weekly basis to club members and the public, running the fields during club events, providing maintenance and upkeep of all fields and equipment, and monitoring the level of clays to notify the Treasurer when they need to be reordered. Updated 2022.


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