Your Guns or Mine

Event Details

Have you been dying to shoot a particular gun but never had the chance, or want to try something out before you buy it? Then “Your Guns Your Mine” in September is for you!

Here’s how it will work:
we’ll have a variety of guns available to shoot, from .22 pistols to large caliber rifles. Anyone can come to shoot. You can buy two tickets for $5. Each ticket will be worth a certain number of shots on different firearms. For instance, one ticket might be good for 10 rounds of .22, or 5 rounds on an AR-15, or 2 shots on an M1 Garand. We’re looking for volunteers to bring their interesting firearms to have available to shoot that day as well.

Anyone who brings a firearm will get two free tickets!

The Club will be providing all the ammo. If you’d like to bring firearms to share, please contact so we can have the right ammo on hand.