Military Rifle Shoot

Event Details

Honor Veterans Day with your classic military rifle! This will be a fun competition open to any military rifle from before 1959 (so no ARs).

All shooting will take place at the 100 yard range, and the course of fire will be:

  • Sighting shots – 5 rounds in 5 minutes (not scored)
  • Slow Fire, standing – 10 rounds in 10 minutes
  • Timed Fire, sitting or kneeling – 10 rounds in 2 minutes
  • Rapid Fire, prone – 10 rounds in 60 seconds

Entrance fee is $10, and the top shooter will win 50% of the total entrance fees for the day. Iron sights only. Bring a sling, shooting mat, and chamber flag if you have it. Get out your M1, Mosin-Nagant, SKS, CETME, Mauser, or any other military rifle from before 1959 and celebrate Veterans Day with a bang.