Big Bore Rifle Shoot 2018 – Postponed until 11/4

Event Details

This event finished on 27 October 2018

Postponed until Nov. 3rd

Get out your rifles for the two Big Bore Rifle Shoots in 2018:

Saturday, Jun 23rd: Bolt-Action Rifles Only
Saturday, Oct 27th: Semi-Auto Rifles Only

8:30am Registration – 9am Start
$10 Entrance Fee

Iron sights only (no scopes or red dots), and rifles from any period are okay, original or sporterized.

The 100-yard course of fire will be:

  • Sighting Shots: 5 shots in 5 minutes (not scored)
  • Slow Fire (Standing): 10 shots in 10 minutes
  • Timed Fire (Kneeling/Sitting): 10 shots in 2 minutes
  • Rapid Fire (Prone): 10 shots in 60 seconds

Please note: these times will be adjusted for bolt-action rifles with five-shot magazines

The top shooter wins 50% of the total entrance fees for the day! Iron sights only. Bring a sling, shooting mat, and chamber flag if you have it.