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This is a casual and fun event for new and experienced shooters. Bring whatever .22 LR rifle configuration you have you have – there will be events favoring both open sights and scoped rifles. Saturday, Oct 20, 2018 9 a.m. Start 8:00 Registration & Sighting In $5 Entry Fee Winner gets half the pot!

Get out your rifles for the two Big Bore Rifle Shoots in 2018: Saturday, Jun 23rd: Bolt-Action Rifles Only Saturday, Oct 27th: Semi-Auto Rifles Only 8:30am Registration – 9am Start $10 Entrance Fee Iron sights only (no scopes or red dots), and rifles from any period are okay, original or sporterized. The 100-yard course of fire will be: Sighting Shots: […]

Ladies, do you find some of the club events a little intimidating with all those guys around? Well, here’s your chance to get some exposure to handgun safety and use in a relaxed, friendly environment with just your gal peeps. We encourage you to bring your personal handgun & ammo. If you do not have one let us know so […]

The goal of the Precision Rimfire Challenge is to provide a fair, low-cost introduction to the exciting world of precision rifle target shooting. The Precision Rimfire Challenge is a fun way to test your long-range skill with a .22! It’s a competition for challengers and a great learning experience for shooters new to precision rimfire. Just about any .22 rifle […]

Come win a turkey for Thanksgiving! On Sunday, November 18, 2018, the Lowell Sportsmen’s Club is hosting the annual Lucky Target Turkey Shoot. Events include black powder, trap, skeet, .22, and archery – all with chances to win a turkey! Shooting events start at 1pm, but come early for a hearty lunch! Lunch begins at noon and will include chili, […]