Event Category: Pistol, Rifle, & Blackpowder

Come test your skill against your fellow LSC members and see who comes out on top! After last year’s cowboy-themed challenge, Blackpowder Al is back to work thinking up even more creative and difficult challenges for everyone. $25 entry fee 4 challenging events to test your skills! Overall highest score wins: Bragging rights! Name on Illustrious Shooters Challenge Cup Free […]

Steel target shooting for .22-caliber rifles and pistols! Great fun for all skill levels from the first time shooter to the skilled competitor. Experienced shooters will enjoy fun-filled practice for competition while sharing their skill and knowledge with new shooters. Individuals or families can have a fun and exciting first-time shooting experience. First Sunday each month, 1pm start.

The goal of the Precision Rimfire Challenge is to provide a fair, low-cost introduction to the exciting world of precision rifle target shooting. The Precision Rimfire Challenge is a fun way to test your long-range skill with a .22! It’s a competition for challengers and a great learning experience for shooters new to precision rimfire. Just about any .22 rifle […]

8:30 am Registration 9:00 am Start Course of fire for the 100 yard range: • Sighting shots – 5 rounds (not scored) • Slow Fire – 5 rounds in 5 mins • Timed Fire – 5 rounds in 60 secs $10 Entrance Fee – top shooter wins 50% of the entrance fees! Slugs! 12, 16, or 20 gauge Shotgun with […]