Thanks to Troop 70!

Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 70 for building a new picnic table for the Club.

In November the Scouts spent the weekend at the campsite by Swain Pond, and used part of the time to build the picnic table out of materials provided by the Troop.

It’s a great addition to the Club, and we appreciate their effort and donation!

Boundary Walk – Oct. 15, 2017

Get to know the club’s property with a scenic walk around the boundary line. Learn our history while being guided and entertained with stories by a long-time member. Breakfast is served before this family-friendly walk in the woods, so stop by the clubhouse for Breakfast with the President at 8am. (even if you don’t join in the walk!) Everyone is welcome – and bring your camera!

Drive-In BBQ – Oct. 22, 2017

Don’t feel like cooking? Great! Stop by the club between 12-3pm and pick up a full BBQ chicken dinner to go. You can take it home for lunch, out for a picnic, or just out on the clubhouse porch before trap, skeet, or the 10/22 Fun Shoot.

Meals are $10 each and include BBQ Half Chicken, Rice Pilaf, and Corn Medley. Just drive in, tell us how many meals you’d like, and we will bring hot to-go meals right out to your car.

Ruger 10/22 Fun Shoot – Oct. 22, 2017

Come celebrate your Ruger 10/22 on October 22nd (that’s 10/22 – get it?)! This will be a casual and fun event, with competitions for both open sights and scoped rifles. Entrance fee is $10, and prizes will be awarded to the top shooters. Experienced and new shooters welcome – we just want to get out and have fun with our 10/22s.

Be sure to come early and get lunch at the Drive-In BBQ!

Military Rifle Shoot – Nov. 11, 2017

Honor Veterans Day with your classic military rifle! This will be a fun competition open to any military rifle from before 1959 (so no ARs or AKs).

All shooting will take place at the 100 yard range, and the course of fire will be:

  • Sighting shots – 5 rounds in 5 minutes (not scored)
  • Slow Fire, standing – 10 rounds in 10 minutes
  • Timed Fire, sitting or kneeling – 10 rounds in 2 minutes
  • Rapid Fire, prone – 10 rounds in 60 seconds

Entrance fee is $10, and the top shooter will win 50% of the total entrance fees for the day. Iron sights only. Bring a sling, shooting mat, and chamber flag if you have it. Get out your M1, Mosin-Nagant, SKS, CETME, Mauser, or any other military rifle from before 1959 and celebrate Veterans Day with a bang.

Turkey Shoot & Hearty Lunch – Nov. 19, 2017

Come win a turkey for Thanksgiving! On Sunday, November 19, 2017, the Lowell Sportsmen’s Club is hosting the annual Lucky Target Turkey Shoot. Events include black powder, trap, skeet, .22, and archery – all with chances to win a turkey! Shooting events start at 1pm, but come early for a hearty lunch! Lunch begins at noon and will include chili, mac & cheese, beef & vegetable soup, homemade bread, and much more. Spend a great day at the range with LSC and get ready for the holidays! The Lowell Sportsmen’s Club is located at 50 Swain Road, North Chelmsford, MA 01863.

Please note: We don’t shoot at live turkeys. Each event will have “lucky targets” for chances to win frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving.

August 2017 Work Party Recap

Thanks to Jim, John, Clive, Buzz, Julian, Hugh, Mark (and daughters), Joanne, Darlene, and Brian for volunteering time during today’s work party!

We managed to get a lot done:

  • rake wads and clays off the Skeet Field
  • repaint the high and low houses
  • scrap and repaint the green trailer’s doors
  • fill holes along the sides of the driveway
  • thoroughly clean out the snack shack
  • finish painting the new ramp and fence
  • start hanging the new ceiling on the porch
  • take down the old telephone pole at the top of the hill
  • plus a load of smaller jobs here and there

All of this work was to help get the club looking it’s best for the Annual Open House on Saturday, September 9th. Hope to see you there!

Open House – Sept 9th – Public Welcome!

The Lowell Sportsmen’s Club in North Chelmsford is holding its annual Open House on Saturday, September 9th, from 12pm-4pm. This is a free event with activities for the entire family.

Highlights of the day include a Birds of Prey show from the MA Audubon Society, Colonial reenactors, and firearms safety talks. Members the National Guard, Chelmsford Police and Fire, and Middlesex County Sheriffs will be on hand to demonstrate their equipment and talk about their role in the community.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about and try a variety of shooting sports, including trap, skeet, blackpowder, high power rifle, and .22 and air gun plinking. Instructors will also be available on the archery range and fishing pond to help improve your skills.

Free hamburgers and hotdogs will be served from the snack shack. There will also be information on membership, firearms safety, and other club information at the Welcome Tent. The Lowell Sportsmen’s Club is located at 50 Swain Road, North Chelmsford, MA 01863. Visit for more information.

The Lowell Sportsmen’s Club was formed in 1913 in downtown Lowell, and is one of New England’s oldest! The club is currently located on 70+ acres in North Chelmsford, MA.

Men, women, and junior club members – experienced and novices alike – enjoy participating in a variety of activities available at LSC. The club offers competitive and recreational trap, skeet, archery, pistol, rifle, and blackpowder ranges, fishing ponds, and facilities for camping, canoeing, and hiking. Our social events calendar is always busy – we host many family-friendly functions throughout the year, including events open to the public.

Rimfire Steel Challenge – Sat, July 29, 2017

Great fun for all skill levels from the first time shooter to the skilled competitor! The National Shooting Sports Foundation Steel Rimfire Challenge is a .22 rifle and pistol program created to introduce new people to the shooting sports and provide a pathway to shooting competition.

Experience shooters will enjoy the fun filled thrill of competition while sharing their skill and knowledge with new shooters. The NSSF Rimfire Challenge can provide individuals or families with a fun and exciting first-time shooting experience. Open to all individuals, over the age of 15 who can legally possess a firearm.

Cost for each participant is $20 (ammo is provided for this event).

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