Precision Rimfire Challenge 2020

Event Details

This event finished on 12 April 2020

The goal of the Precision Rimfire Challenge is to provide a fair, low-cost introduction to the exciting world of precision rifle target shooting.

The Precision Rimfire Challenge is a fun way to test your long-range skill with a .22! It’s a competition for challengers and a great learning experience for shooters new to precision rimfire. Just about any .22 rifle will do (see complete rules below), because the day is about improving your individual skill level.

$5 Entrance Fee
First prize takes half the pot!

Where & When:

  • Second Sunday of every month, July-November
  • First relay starts at 1pm
  • Meet at the 100 yard Big Bore Range

Course of Fire:

  • 20 shots of record in 20 minutes
  • Unlimited sighters on a separate target during the 20 minutes

Complete Rules:

The entry field will consist of two divisions, to satisfy the needs and desires of the entrants.

The Sporting Division will be geared to the casual shooter, with average equipment. The intent is an environment conductive to skill development.

For the serious competitor, there will be an Elite Division. A chance to stretch the limits of the 22lr cartridge, as much as our facilities will permit.

Over time, expect the Elite Division to grow, as people develop skill in the Sporting Division, and seek greater challenge.


  • SPORTING DIVISION: Any commonly available 22lr rifle commonly available for under $1000.00. Action may be bolt, lever, pump, break barrel, or semi auto. AR conversions are permitted, as are after market barrels, stocks, triggers, etc. NO BARREL TUNERS
  • ELITE DIVISION: Must be chambered in 22lr


  • Both Divisions- Any sighting system may be used, but, naturally Telescopic sights will give the most favorable results


  • Both Divisions- anything goes, bipod, rear bag, shooting bags, bench rests, slings, whatever you feel good with


  • SPORTING DIVISION: To keep costs down, and avoid a spending contest, AmmunItion shall be limited to $5.00 per box of 50 rounds
  • ELITE DIVISION: Must be 22lr. Testing has shown significant benefit to the use of premium match Ammunition


  • SPORTING DIVISION: NRA MR 52 Target. These are intended for use at 200 yards, to simulate a 600 yard shot. Experience has determined them to be well suited for shooting 22lr at 100 yards
  • ELITE DIVISION: Since the MR 52 may prove to be too easy for competitors and equipment at this level, other targets may be used, and may be subject to change from month to month.. Remember, this is supposed to be a challenge!


  • Both divisions: There will be a five minute preparatory period, when the current relay of shooters will be permitted to set up their gear at their station. After this is done, the timer will be started with 20 minutes, at which time the order to commence fire will be given. An unlimited number of sighting shots will be permitted at the separate, plain sighting target which will be provided, Competitors will send 20 shots at their target of record to be scored at the conclusion. If a sighting shot hits the target of record, then the competitor should notify the event director, to avoid a procedural penalty


  • Standard scoring procedures will apply. Hits straddling a ring will be awarded the score for the inner side of the ring. Perfect score is 200, with the X ring count being the tiebreaker. In the event of a tie with both score and X count, there will be a five round shoot off, with five shots sent at five standard plastic spoons

Entry fee is to be $5.00 USD. 50% of each division’s entries to be awarded to the challenge winner of each division. The remainder will go to The Lowell Sportsmen’s Club.